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Rabbi Ariel Gorenstein – Rosh Yeshiva RG (1)Best known for his authoritative command of classical Jewish law. After studying in the famed Kollel of Rechovot, where he gained a stellar reputation as an expert in Jewish law, Rabbi Gorenstein is authorized to render judgment in many areas of Torah. As a spiritual mentor, Rabbi Gorenstein oversees the spiritual well being of our students, as well as others from across the country that come to seek his trusted advice and guidance. Rabbi Gorenstein is an alumni of Ida Crown Jewish Academy and a graduate of Boston University. He pursued his Jewish studies in Tiferes Menachem, Sea Gate and in Tzfat, and received his Certificate of Rabbinic Ordination at Kollel Ohr Yaakov of Rechovot.

Rabbi Shalom Pasternak – Director rspAn inspiring teacher and mentor known for his passionate command of Chassidic thought. He speaks throughout Israel and abroad in various institutions, seminaries and yeshivas, focusing primarily on distilling complex concepts in Judaism for beginners. Rabbi Pasternak graduates Vassar College with a degree in philosophy, and studied piano with contemporary jazz masters. He pursued his Jewish education in Oregon as well as Hada HaTorah in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and received his Certificate of Rabbinic Ordination at Kollel Tzemach Tzedek.

R. Yoni Koenig – Director of Programming

follow yofnfn (3)Yoni Koenig comes with a wealth of experience from working in various Israel programs such as Shalem YJ, Sachlav – Real Life Israel and Yeshiva Oryata. He himself is an alumni of Ohr Somayach and Darche Noam. He attended Hebrew Academy of Nassau County for High School and holds a degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and spent 2 years in the Israel Defense Forces in a combat unit. Yoni’s attentiveness and constant availability makes him an asset to this program. His vast experience in Israel programming has enabled him to build a top program for Chayenu.

Rabbi Mordechai Siev – Mashpia/Student Advisor

bigmoeAfter beginning his life of shlichus on the University of Pennsylvania campus, Rabbi Mordechai Siev went on to join the staff of Ascent of Tzfat over twenty-five years ago. As the director of English programming in Ascent and one of Tzfat’s original pioneer shluchim, Rabbi Siev has influenced thousands of young men and women in strengthening  their connection to their Jewish roots. His devotion to every Jew that crosses his path and his enthusiasm for Yiddishkeit are well known to all making him the first place the students go to when in search  for a listening ear and guidance.