Smicha – The Way Inside
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  want to buy Depakote SMICHA PROGRAM of  TSFAT

  • go Students will obtain smicha from Kiryat Malachi Chief Rabbi Yitzchok Yehuda Yaroslavski

  • YTD has operated in Tsfat for 6 years under the auspices of head shliach Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, program director, Rabbi Shalom Pasternak, and rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Ariel Gorenstein

  • Program features highly organized curriculum on all pertinent sections of Yoreh Deah and Hilchos Shabbos

  • buy cialis daily Experienced magid shiur, Rabbi Ariel Gorenstein will provide daily shiurim and insure that all bochurim receive appropriate and required guidance through the material. Rabbi Gorenstein prior to becoming Rosh Yeshiva at YTD, learned for seven years in kollel in Rechovot and received rabbinic ordination from the internationally esteemed ‘Hechal Shlomo’

  • YTD has created an innovative way of mastering יורה דעה that will solidify the material and build within the students the skills for learning הלכה בעיון

  • YTD has a distinctly conducive learning environment, offering a beis midrash overlooking the sweeping views of Tzfat and northern Israel.

  • The program offers tremendous opportunities for outreach with the more novice students at YTD who learn in a shared zal

  • YTD boasts an experienced in-house chef and above standard living accommodations.