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About Us:

CHAYENU is a new and fresh yeshiva experience. Combining skill based classes, Jewish philosophy and works of Chassidic masters, the students are challenged to reach their potential and open their minds to the secrets of Torah. We offer scheduled creative time, volunteer opportunities and weekly trips to kivrei Tzadikim and various other attractions, enabling our students to optimize their creative skills and passions within the framework of Judaism.

 Our teachers and staff create an intimate environment for our students to reach their potentials. With small classes with teachers from different backgrounds and experiences, students have the opportunity to find staff members they connect with to find guidance and friendship that will last a lifetime.

 Based in the heart the mystical city of Tzfat, students see, feel and breathe the kedusha of this holy city. Walking the cobblestone alleyways where great luminaries of Torah once walked, Kabbalists, such as Rabbi Yitzhak Luria (Ha-Ari HaKadosh) and Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz (author of Lecha Dodi) and Rabbi Yosef Cairo (author of the Shulchan Aruch) just to name a few, motivates students to want to grasp a deeper understanding and love of Torah.



 The Northern city of Tzfat, located 3200 feet above sea level offers the ideal freedom from distractions one may have in busier, louder cities. With many alleyways, hiking paths and breathtaking views to explore, students are able to think clearly and create new works.

Creative Time

 Tzfat is not just famous for its it scholars and kabbalists, Tzfat is also internationally reknown for being a city for artists, musicians and creative thinkers. Students, during creative time, can connect with local “imaginatarians”, like themselves, who can help them improve the skills they already have and take them to next level within a Jewish/Torah perspective.



CHAYENU students will have different opportunities to volunteer at various community placements and with different chesed projects throughout their year. The goal is to ensure our students are using their time to give back to the Tsfat community that opens its doors to all, in turn the students see the sense of responsibility that Am Yisrael feels for one another.



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