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Our visionary program, INTERNalize, is the ideal way to balance your unique creativity with your passion for Torah and spirituality. Participants in the program spend several hours a day fostering practical skills in their preferred craft or vocation.  In areas ranging from music, art, and design to construction, computers, and horticulture, our students are encouraged to gain mastery in their life’s mission while embracing a Torah inspired life.  Our philosophy is that Torah is not meant to be kept in the study hall, but to penetrate and influence the world.  While Torah may demand obedience, it rejects conformity and the sterile application of its laws. INTERNalize offers the skills to live an informed and comprehensive Jewish life, while giving voice to one’s individual calling.


Besides being the epicenter of Jewish spirituality, Tsfat happens to be a bourgeoning artist colony. There is something about the refined air of the place which seems to expand the mind, not only intellectually, but creatively as well.  A walk down the ancient alleyways of Tsfat reveals gallery after gallery of fine art, sculpture, pottery, you name it.  The artistry finds it’s way into the design of homes, the colorful approach to Jewish life, and the passion and purposefulness that seems to pervade the lives of so many of Tsfat’s inhabitants.  Those who are drawn to Judaism are naturally inclined to spirituality.  Those who are spiritual are often drawn to creativity. Despite this obvious equation, many yeshiva environments tend to downplay the importance of creative expression.  With the influence of Tsfat’s unique setting, INTERNalize allows one to truly find themselves amidst their search for G-d.


Students of INTERNalize enjoy a stimulating and intellectually challenging program of Torah Study.  From morning until midday, students are engaged in the traditional classes of the yeshiva including talmud, law, and chassidus.  In classes, pairs, and small groups, participants gain practical skills in Jewish life and learning.  From beginner to advanced, there are dynamic Torah classes to satisfy the level of each individual.  The dedicated Rabbis of Yeshiva Temimei Darech are available around the clock for intruction, advice, and guidance.

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